English Conversation Classes

7.8. 2017 11:18
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Hi, my name is Liam Hassett, I am a native English speaker from the UK. I am offering conversation lessons for intermediate to advanced students of English language, to help take your English to the next level! Lessons can cover: - Business English - Telephone conversations - Talking about current events - Advanced vocabulary - Phrases and sayings Plus anything else that meets your specific needs, including overcoming any grammar issue giving you trouble :) I like to keep my lessons engaging and structured, with a mix of reading and listening exercises, free conversation, and other activities. With agreement I can teach groups of up to 3 students, as this makes for a good "conversation" atmosphere, so sign-up with a friend!

Cena: €10- €15


Meno: Liam Hassett
Web: https://www.doucma.sk/110533-liam-hassett
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